Do you have an idea and you want to get it off the ground but don’t know how? At the Business Development Centre, we help you with shaping your idea, making a prototype or the beta version product and creating a business plan.

We had to learn the hard way with almost little help so we want to share our experience and now our expertise. We are entrepreneurs at heart. We have started several business and close some. We love programming and IT, so the bulk of our experience lies in this area. We are truly an international team of 4 different nationalities; German, Iranian, Dutch and Spanish and this is what makes our group unique.

If you have a project that you believe in and that you can make us believe, then we are happy to share some of our experience and time with you. From setting up your company to giving you the tools to record your customers, quote, follow up and invoice we have the tools to get you started and running.

So far we have incubated three projects: Urbytus, Pepper CRM and Formazing. Is your project compatible with ours? And do you want to be part of a vibrant team? If your answer is yes, call us and drop in for a coffee.

We learnt the hard way, so we want to help you climb the ropes faster.


Call us for a free appointment to discuss your idea.