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Resales Online Web Integration for WordPress

The easy and quick solution to connect your WordPress website to Resales Online in just 48 hours

Have you been quoted thousands of euros for a bespoke program to connect your website to Resales Online? There is an easier and faster solution. The WordPress Resales Online Plugin. Get your website connected in less than 48 hours for a fraction of the cost.

CRM & Invoicing Solution


If you are still using Word and Excel to write your invoices it is time you change. Pepper CRM is a simple solution to keep track of your customers, write your invoices, track your return on advertising, customer satisfaction, monthly revenue and much more.

Theatre Booking & Ticketing System

A simple and complete solution for your small theatre

Bespoke ticketing system for small theatres. Create shows with multiple event times, different ticket prices and seating structures. Easy to setup and use, connecting to any online payment with the possibility of adding sponsors and earning extra revenue from printed tickets.

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